"Subtle, Honest, Entertaining, Advertisement"

Prelude2Cinema Inc. will blend entertainment and advertisement. The company will create bold, intriguing stories for the Internet and other digital platforms that present various brand products and services that interact within a fictional world. Prelude2Cinema has developed a series of stories and characters that we intend to produce using corporate sponsorship.

Prelude2Cinema is dedicated to establishing a steady stream of dramatic productions in Northeast, Ohio to strengthen the economy and provide those who a dream of working in show business an outlet for their talents without having to abandon their home in Ohio.

Prelude2Cinema is a Private Ohio Corporation and is not soliciting any shareholders. 

April 6, 2016, Prelude2Cinema LLC became Prelude2Cinema, Inc.

Mission Statement

Why The Knight?

Someone asked me why is there a knight in our logo? It goes back many years before I started making movies. I was fascinated by the Knights Templar and the ideal of the search for the Grail. As I grew into making movies, it became a part of the philosophy of why I wanted to make movies here. In short, Prelude2Cinema wants to build an Industry here. It is no easy task, and neither was the search for the Grail.

A lot of people forget that it is called Show Business and ignore the business aspects of our industry. Our mission is to support businesses (The Crown) in order to reach the Grail (The Cinema Industry in Northeast Ohio).

In order to Serve You, we need to know what you need. So be honest with us and tell us what your business needs. Click Here to Tell Us What You Need.


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We offer Every service for our Clients. We specialize in Branded Entertainment but also offer all types of Services to keep your Business connected to Your New and Exisiting Customers.

  • Starting a New Business is Like Having a Dream Come True.
  • Making a Movie is Like Seeing a Dream Come True.
  • Prelude2Cinema Makes Your Dreams Reality.



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