Creation of BLOCKLANDS


Prelude2Cinema in partnership with _________________ is creating an online digital city using Blockchain technology and focusing on STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) businesses and organizations to enrich real world cities by connecting people who are not physically close and financially supporting products and services created by the businesses and organizations within the city.  


  1. Establish the online space for each Blockland
  2. Establish the people who govern the Blocklands
  3. Naming rights can be sold to sponsors
  4. Artists can gather fans who support their work
  5. Businesses can interact with customers
  6. Each member shall be a real person and open conversations are encouraged


Each member of the community will pay a monthly rent for their “home” and be vetted. While nicknames or stage names can be used, there must be information stored with the real identity of the person. This is similar to places like Amazon where you include payment info on members.


Educate persons on Blockchain

Show how Blockchain can create a secure, open internet experience.

Our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio is building a real BLOCKLAND. They have achieved a great citical mass within less than a year and will be holding a conference December 1st to 4th, 2018.

Blockland Cleveland is open to the entire community.

Funding Artists and Branding

Prelude2Cinema has not moved away from its core mission to bring support Artists. We have expanded that mission because we believe Artists must become Brands and connect with the Business community so that they can be sustainable.