Branded Entertainment

  • Your Product can be used by any of the characters and become seen or mentioned numerous times throughout the season.
  • Since the product is used in the story, it will be available when people buy the DVD collection of the series whereas a commercial would not be seen on the DVD.
  • If your business is in northeast Ohio (where the TV Series will shot), people who watch the series may want to drop by and shop where the characters of the TV series shop.
  • New products can be introduced on the series.
  • Because your Product or Business is part of the Story, there is no need to produce a commercial.
  • Tie-in's can be done with episodes (giveaways, contests, etc.), which gather an audience response and enhanced exposure.
What is Branded Entertainment?
It looks like product placement, but it is so much more. It is when a product "realistically" appears in a movie or TV Series. According to Advertising Age, "Branded-entertainment tie-ins coupled with media commitments are the most effective form of advertising."

DVR (Digital Video Recorders) allow an audience to skip commercials and often times when people record a show and watch it later, they fast-forward through commercials. Hulu has limited commercials and a new option that has no commercials. And of course Netfilx streams hundreds of movie and TV shows without one single commercial.
According to this article, in the NY post, Streaming TV is destroying the $65B TV ad game.
So how does a Brand get to "realistically" be part of the story?
With Branded Entertainment, your Product is part of the Storyline and the audience will see the product as just "part of the story."

In 2016, we are launching a series of PRODUCTIONS FOR THEATERS, TV AND ONLINE AUDIENCES. Prelude2Cinema will be gathering sponsors before we begin shooting, so we may "realistically" place the businesses in the storyline. To be a part of this new way of reaching new customers, CONTACT US ASAP.


Created for a contest by Red Bull, Prelude2Cinema wove the sponsor into this short video. Thanks to the nightclub Anatomy Cleveland for the use of their great location. Click Image 2 Visit Anatomy Cleveland.



What is the Future of Television?

Great article from Netflix Chief Product Officer. He predicts "The Commercial Will Finally Die."

Our Studio Chief Alex P. MIchaels also predicted this in 2008.


Our Business is To Know Your Business

What is the Future of Television?

There is no "cookie cutter marketing campaign", approach with Prelude2Cinema. We will take the time to know your Business and the most effective way to market it. We may use one of our existing programs, a program produced by a third party producer or create a new program to feature your business in an entertaining and positive manner. We will also launch a grass roots marketing campaign that will allow you to interact with new customers.

To see the whole slide show, click here.

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