Crusade Campaign #1

The Story: About a Year or more past, we had an office in Shaker and 24 hour/ 7 days a week access. There was a bit of a “Shake up” and we decided next time to have more than office to work out of and not be tied down or bound by the region. Still, we miss the Shaker location. So, part of our plan for September 2018 is to move back to Shaker. We call our offices Castles.  We have two Castles in Cleveland now and plan to have more soon. It is part of our plan to connect with Artists, Brands and Fans all over the world. Thanks for your support in helping us movie back. Get a great Reward for supporting this Crusade Campaign. And if you are by Shaker, then drop in and say hello. Funds Needed for Crusade Campaign #1: 


  • 4 months Rent        $650 x 4 = $2,600
  • Company phones    $250 x 4 = $1,000
  •  Internet/ Hosting    $100 x 4 = $ 400
  • Marketing/ Reward fufillment $1,000
  • Total                                        $5,000

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