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Prelude2Cinema is a Global Company, but our Founder was Born in Cleveland and we have our HQ here. We will always be dedicated to our “hometown.”

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Join Alex P. Michaels in his Bid to be The Cleveland Film Commissioner

The Plan

As Film Commissioner, I would take a different approach to building a studio here and entice Hollywood to come here and set up shop and support the local film community. We need to be seen as more than just a production location.

The Portal

A New Website is being designed and will be part of the plan as Film Commissioner. This website will be a portal for productions. I will be raising funds for it now and approaching the Board of the Film Commission in January 2021.

Support the GoFundMe . Funds will be used to create an interactive online portal to market the city of Cleveland as a production location and place for a movie studio and equally support local and incoming producers of movies of all sizes.

The website we create will be part of the pitch to Cleveland Film Commission board. It will also connect to a site we have to support artists named BlockcitypP2C. We received funds from a pitch at JumpStart to create the site. We will also be pitching at Accelerate 2021 in February 2021 to build out the site and make it grow.

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