Our Response to help the Arts during the COVD-19 Crisis in Northeast, Ohio. 

Article on the Health Economic Impact to Artists

While this was not necessarily written to address a virus that has impacted the world, we do believe doing nothing to help would be helping it survive.

Prelude2Cinema will be using our Crusade to support Artists during the COVD-19 Crisis. Others have set up local nonprofit funds but not for Artists. Although individual artists and organizations are asking for support online but not together.

Use of Funds will be Transparent to All Donors and the Community 
  • 10% AfricaHouse International
  • 20% Prelude2Cinema administers funds and 
  • Creates art – See productions below
  • 10% Administrative expenses
  • 60% Grants to Individual Artists & Organizations – contact us to apply. We will be listing Artists & Organizations we support shortly

We are reaching out to artists we know and will support but we are also open to helping the large film community here as well that have been impacted by this crisis. A lot of filmmakers and actors /models work in the service industry and are no longer able to go to their “day jobs.” We also want to reach out to the smaller theaters and help them as well.

In these ever changing times, Prelude2Cinema wants to Help in our Mission of “Starving Artists 2 Working Artists.” As an Expansion of our Cinema Fund, we will be reaching out to Large Businesses to help Small Artistic Businesses so we can buy rights to movies and photos and books and put them into the Market. We will also share profits with all talent. Tax deductible Donations can be made via our arrangement with AfricaHouse International and all donations will be handled securely by PayPal. We will support our movies as well and those by other filmmakers around the globe with special interest on our home state of Ohio. As a precautionary move, the restaurants and bars are closed here. Since a lot of artists have day jobs in the service industry, this affects them. While Prelude2Cinema is not a large studio, we still want to help where we can. Donate today and help the Arts Survive. Any questions, please email us at sponsor@prelude2cinema.com 

Apply for Funding

Filmmakers or other Artists can contact us about applying for Funds. Contact Us.

Cinema Shooting at AfricaHouse

The TV Series “Out of Darkness: Cleveland”
Actor Alex DeCourville of “Visit Eden” with Executive Director of AfricaHouse International
AkuSika Nkomo-Mackey
In Development