Prelude2Cinema is shooting “Out of Darkness: Cleveland” set in a fictional Cleveland which deals with excessive force. Ours is based on our TV show which aired nationally. The new story begins “In 2016, Joseph Franks became the President of the United States of America. He instituted the F.O.R.C.E. Act as part of an effort to end corruption within police departments; however, it created a militarized police force instead and prompted citizens to riot as their rights were repeatedly violated.” Now Ice Cube and his partner Jeff Kwatinetz, are going to shoot a movie named “Excessive Force” in the Cleveland Police Department.

Our story is different and our cops are actually government agents who are not perfect, but they try to be. Yet our story does deal with excessive force. Has Ice Cube ever spent in time in Cleveland? His writing partner is a Havard lawyer. Have they ever talked to to the real Cleveland Police? We have. The majority are good people doing a very difficult job.

I doubt his movie will be fair and balanced, but hey that’s Hollywood.

Prelude2Cinema is interested to see if they shoot in Cleveland and if any similiarities exist in the stories.