Arts Program 4 AfricaHouse International

Prelude2Cinema will be creating an Arts Program for AfricaHouse International, a nonprofit 501c3. As part of that program, we are creating a Cinema Fund that will allow donors tax deductible donations to support cinematic productions created by local filmmakers or any production that wants to shoot in Northeast, Ohio. Our belief is Cinema is an Art and should be supported in the same manner that we support the other arts. Cinema is also an inclusive art form and involves, writers actors, visual arts, etc. So we will partner with other art organizations. Our focus will be on the business aspect and making certain that filmmakers can have careers making movies in Northeast, Ohio.

Starting Monday May 20th, 2019, we will begin a “Press Tour.”. We will also be updating our Crusade page shortly on our website and also AfricaHouse will be adding us to their site.

More info coming shortly. To Donate to the Cinema Fund, via Paypal

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If you are an indie filmmaker or a “Hollywood” studio needing funds and resources. We have a nonprofit funding platform. Click the link to “Apply for Funding” to Begin the Conversation.

What is the Crusade?

Prelude2Cinema is on a CRUSADE to create a “Cinema Industry” in Northeast Ohio. Prelude2Cinema will use modern technology to create a system based on the Hollywood Studio System where the Studio developed stories and artists, produced movies, marketed the movies and screened them to audiences.

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The following Productions will be funded by the Cinema Fund. We are also seeking other filmmakers/students ASAP.

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