David P. Thomas, Esq. (aka Dave Esq.) is a New York Entertainment attorney with roots in Cleveland and Cinema. He attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law, produced a number of movies , and is a skilled writer and director.

He works with the “Cleveland Cinema Czar” and “The Boss”on building the corporate structure at Prelude2Cinema. Since joining Prelude2Cinema, he has been a great part of the team with his knowledge of the law and cinema. “Dave Esq. ” is a valuable part of building a sustainable industry in Northeast Ohio with a worldwide audience and partnership.

Dave Esq will be working on the sponsorship deals for our TV Series “Out of Darkness: Cleveland” and will make an appearance on screen as “Head District Attorney David Blue” who was mentioned in our movie “Blood Kiss: Soul of a Woman.” He will also be working on our “secret deal” to open a movie studio in 2020. The details are secret, but our desire to open a studio and create the studio system has always been the foundation of Prelude2Cinema.

It is rumored that Dave Esq is the secret identity of the host of “The Big D Radio Show. Big D has a love of cinema and music, so expect filmmakers and musicians to show up and talk and discuss their lives, work and share their playlists with you.  Prelude2Cinema is producing the “Big D Radio” Listen to the show and find out if this really is “Dave Esq.”

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