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"Blood Kiss: Soul of a Woman"


Blood Kiss-trailer from Prelude2Cinema on Vimeo. Rent at Amazon for only $1.99 or buy for $12.99. A true indie movie from Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels. "Blood Kiss: Soul of a Woman" "Beth thinks she has everything under control. On her 30th birthday, she decides to be bold and take what she wants. Yet things go wrong when her ex-lover returns offering her a chance at a darker life where one survives off the souls of others. " Premiered at the York International Film Festival in the UK.

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An original web series created by Alex deCourville

Premise: Pinheads follows the misadventures of a group of radio station workers - Charlie - a goofy metal head, Steven - A Batman-obsessed egotist, and Brian - A laid back guy with his mind on food - as they hang out at their a bowling alley - managed by Bernie - who has a screw loose - and his son Kenny - who's a touch neurotic.

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Secret Agent Sofia
Secret Agent Sofia is the adventures of a 9 year old spy. Sofia is played by talented newcomer Sofia Plass and her site features videos from her web series and way to help fight against hunger through a partnership with the Cleveland Food Bank. Seeking Sponsorship to complete webseries. CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR.

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"Out of Darkness: Cleveland"

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This is part of the crime drama series by Alex P. Michaels set in Clevealand, Ohio. The character of Lt. Foster who appeared in the Emmy winning "What Angels Fear," "Blood Kiss: Soul of a Woman" and "Out of Darkness" appears in this movie series. This is our first Screen Actors' Guild production. The script is written, but we are polishing it and casting some key roles. There are open roles for Business Sponsorship. CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR.

I Dare You To Kill Her Trailer from Prelude2Cinema on Vimeo.

The main story for this movie has been shot. Yet, it needs a soundtrack, so we are talking to some talented musicians. We are going to bridge the movie to the movie series "de la Oscuridad" by adding the character of Lt. Foster and the Cleaveland Breaking News team. We are seeking business sponsorship to write into the few remaing scenes. The movie will be released by the end of 2015. CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR.





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