September 28, 2018


Scratchpaper Productions will now be providing various musical selections for upcoming film projects “Visit Eden” and “I Dare You to Kill Her” produced by the Prelude2Cinema organization.


Led by Cleveland Cinema Czar and Emmy Award winning writer Alex P. Michaels, Prelude2Cinema believes in turning starving artists into working artists that can focus solely on their craft as their day job. Scratchpaper Productions, led by C.E.O. Eric Wilson, will provide scoring and additional musical selections for the projects previously mentioned, in addition to future projects under Prelude2Cinema. Wilson is known for his own work as a performing artist and producer. Wilson has worked with well-known acts such as Bone Thugs N Harmony (Creepin On Ah Come Up) and Midwest Mafia (93102 Hellrose).


The future looks bright in regards to this collaboration. Both Wilson and Michaels work hard in providing consumers with excellent quality films and music that they can relate to and ultimately enjoy. Additional details regarding Prelude2Cinema can be found by visiting Visit Facebook to learn more about Scratchpaper Productions at



For more information, contact…

Carlo Kane (Media Relations),, 216-870-3451.