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               EXT. Venus- Late 25th Century

               Words across the screen.

               Venus- Late 25th Century

               All dialogue translated into 20th century Earth dialect

               It is a pale reconstruction of Earth.  The grass is almost
               blue.  The sky, a milky white color all over. The sun is
               brighter here.  There are odd round grey like things that
               pretend to be trees.  

               A SOLDIER is sitting alone.  His ethnicity is mixed, as are
               all of the characters.  It should be noted though, each
               character has a gold like quality to their skin.

               His knees are bent up and his hands are hanging aimlessly
               over them.  His black boots reach

               almost the bottom of his knee caps.  He has his cap on, and
               it shields him from the sun.  His uniform is  black and form
               fitting.  It has brass buttons up the front and zippers on
               the sleeves starting at the shoulder and going down to the
               elbow.  It reminds one of a Nazi stormtrooper.

               Once, it looked neat, but now it is covered in blood. None of
               it is his.

               About  fifteen feet in front of him is the body of a little
               girl that has been torn apart.  A few feet next to this is
               another body of an old man.  As one moves away from the
               soldier, the bodies become more in number.

               A boot steps over one of the bodies. TWO SOLDIERS, wearing
               the same black uniforms are standing there looking down at
               the other Soldier.

               The Soldier, LONDON looks up at the Two.  An insignia is on
               his chest.  It is Mars encased in a crystal.  The Two
               Soldiers are carrying long black  and silver rifles.

                         So, which one of you gets the honor
                         of taking me to Nothing?

                                   ONE OF THE SOLDIERS
                         How do you feel?

                         Astaire.  I thought it would be
                         Seven here.  You know-

               Astaire lowers his rifle.

                         Seven is taking you to Nothing.  I
                         just want to know how you feel.

               London stands up, and Seven aims the rifle at his heart. 
               London smiles.

                         I accept my judgment, friend.  I
                         just don't want to spend my last
                         moments in this Reality on my

               Seven fires into London's chest.  Astaire steps back.  He
               tries to turn away, but can't. The rifle is unlike any gun in
               this present day.  It has set up a displacement in the stable
               molecules holding together's London's heart.   London tries
               to touch his own chest, but his hand goes through.  

               As he tries to pull his hand away, it becomes solid again and
               his soul stops.  Seven looks down at him and offers a
               clinical observation.

                         When the pain hits, they always go
                         to grab it and that's when the
                         displacement stops. If he waited
                         a few seconds, he might have stayed
                         in this Reality.  Of course, I
                         would have had to shot him again.

               Seven checks his rifle (displacer).  He looks out at the
               bodies of people.  He looks over at Astaire.

                                   SEVEN (CONT'D)
                         I counted fifty three bodies.  I
                         may have lost count on the little
                         kids.  Do you want an exact?

                         No, but they will.

                         One guy took away fifty people.

                         Easy to do when they don't fight

               Seven  pulls down one of the zippers on his sleeve.  There is
               a crystal (biological interface computer) embedded in his

                         April, you there?

               A soft female voice comes from the crystal as it lights up.

                         Activated,  Lieutenant Seven.  I
                         sensed a displacer firing.

                         I know.  I accidentally shot
                         Solider London. He was in the way
                         of my fire.

                         Noted.  Records show that Soldier
                         to be effective in taking away. 
                         You will have to make up his
                         ratio to keep the movement

                         Noted.  Scan grid.  Note number of 
                         lost realities.

               Seven turns and lets his arm move toward the bodies.

                                   SEVEN (CONT'D)
                         I have a visual of about fifty

                         Fifty seven decaying realities

               Seven nods.

                         Do we have time to do a sweep of
                         the underground caverns?

                         Negative.  Movement has thirty-two
                         Standard days left.

               He places his hand over the crystal.  It starts to grow dark. 
               He zips up his sleeve.

                         Noted.  Now, go to sleep.  Thirty
                         two days left.

               Seven looks down at  London.  He bends down to him and opens
               his jacket.  Part of the uniform

               has dissolved into his chest, so Seven  has to rip it open
               it.  He is holding a small silver book.

               Astaire walks over and looks down at the book that is covered
               in London's blood.

                         You're not bringing that back with
                         us, are you?

                         We should have a copy somewhere. 
                         In a few more weeks, this will be
                         the only one left.  There's none
                         back home.  Oak says that somewhere
                         in here is who we are..

               Astaire bends down and looks over his shoulders.  He reaches
               out his hand and touches the cover.

               Seven opens it to the first page.  It is written in 20th
               century English.

                         I know who we are.  I also know we
                         can become Nothing if we ask who we

                         I think if I don't know who I am, I
                         might as well be Nothing.

                         You are unbalanced.  You do know
                         that, don't you?

               Seven looks down at London.  He unzips part of his own jacket
               near his hip and places the book there.

                         Why do you think the Lords let me
                         talk back to them?  They feel sorry
                         for me.  Besides they don't
                         care about us personally. All they
                         care is that we follow orders.  Or
                         at least we pretend to follow

               He places his displacer in the center of London's face. 
               Astaire puts a hand on his shoulder.

                         We'll be home soon.  You remember

               Seven looks up at the sky.



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