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Written by Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels.

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In the 25th century, a very human Martian soldier rebels when an alien attack proves his leaders have been lying to him.
A detective places his sanity and his teenage daughter’s life in jeopardy when he baby-sits a wealthy business man’s whorish teenage daughter.
A self-centered District Attorney takes on a high profile case to further her career and ends up sacrificing the victim.
A hitman posing as an advertising executive attempts to quit the Mafia and settle down with a nice girl he met.
A young black man returns home from college to help his best friend break away from drug dealers he owes money to.
(Urban Drama)
A government assassin, about to retire, has life “stolen” by the son of the first man he killed. “James Bond” meets “Face/Off.”
(Spy story)
A writer and a photographer meet in San Francisco and find they are perfect for each other, but both are too cynical and jaded to fall in love.
(Romantic Comedy)