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Alex P. Michaels

Studio Chief/Cinema Czar

Alex is an "EMMY Winning Writer", Producer, Award Winning Director,and an accomplished Actor. Alex was a Finalist in the COSE Arts Business and Innovation Awards. Alex is the founder of Prelude2Cinema and has dedicated "Blood, Sweat & Tears" in his belief that Cleveland, Ohio, his hometown, has potential and can carve a niche in the motion picture industry.

Alex has a creative and business side. He has studied screenwriting at Stanford Universtity, and playwrighting and acting at Karamu House, where has also acted on stage. He has acted and directed on the stages of Karamu and the Cleveland Public Theatre. In independent films, he has acted and directed in movies he created and acted in films by other directors. In the world of business, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Department of Energy as an administrative assistant. He learned business structure and how to run corporate affairs. 

Alex served on the Board of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Lower Great Lakes Chapter (NATAS).

As Studio Chief, Alex will oversee productions and promote Prelude2Cinema.

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Contact Alex at alexmichaels@prelude2cinema.com.



Ted Mittman

Film Acquisition/ Festival Programmer

An aspiring composer, ethnomusicologist, actor and singer hailing from Wall Township, NJ, Ted has dreamed of working within the movie industry for over a decade. He is a current student within Hiram College's music program and is a veteran of both on and off stage production. Some of his more notable appearances include Lazar Wolf the butcher in "Fiddler on the Roof" and The Phantom from "The Phantom of the Opera." In his spare time, Ted rules over a small band of medieval misfits within Hiram College, teaching medieval stage combat, traditional fencing and occasionally, the finer points of roasting a large leg of Mutton.

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His duties at Prelude2Cinema will include assisting the Studio Chief and managing the Prelude2Cinema Film Festival

Contact Ted at tmittman@prelude2cinema.com .




Executive Assistant to Studio Chief

Executive Assistant needed to support extremely busy executive. This person will be responsible for organizing and prioritizing the time and incoming information flow of the executive, as well as handling outgoing information. The Executive Assistant will also be responsible for performing general office administration (calendar, phones, correspondence, organizing and maintaining files, travel arrangements, expense reports), serving as primary point of contact between the executive and all persons with demands on his time, and in all cases becoming a right-hand person who makes it possible for the executive to operate effectively and on schedule. Organizing project folders, and coming up with duties for each Intern. Duties to be assigned during internship will vary, but always be focused on the company mission.

Contact Studio Chief at alexmichaels@prelude2cinema.com .



Lawrence Payne

Marketing & Public Relations Executive

Lawrence Payne was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was his childhood dream to perform comedy. In 2008, Lawrence would began his comedy career and move out to Kansas at 18 to go on tour. Lawrence's style of comedy comes from every day life and the observations many of us take for granted. Lawrence came in 2nd place in the Witchia Comedy Contest. Years later, Lawrence would return to Las Vegas and produce comedy shows and events, at places such as Freak-n-Frog, Inspire Theater, and The Beat. Lawrence now resides in Cleveland to return to his comedy roots as well as develop his skills as a writer and actor.

Contact Lawrence at lpayne@prelude2cinema.com .


Roxanna Coldiron

Marketing & Public Relations Executive

Roxanna writes for several magazines and provides design and communication consulting services to companies in Greater Cleveland. She received a Master of Science in Media Management from The New School in New York City and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Hiram College in Hiram, OH. As the human mother of five kitties, she has learned to create quality content with a kitten in her lap...and on her head and her desk and under her chair.

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Contact Roxanna at rcoldiron@prelude2cinema.com .



Cami Blanchard

Marketing Executive
Cami is a 1990 graduate of Lake Erie College, holding a degree in equine studies. She is a talented actress and will be promoting Prelude2Cinema online and at real world events.


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Contact Cami at chblanchard@prelude2cinema.com .




Jennifer Speth Plass

Cinema Producer

Jennifer Plass has over 15 years of experience in management consulting, business development, project management, proposal management, writing, editing, public relations and marketing at several companies. Jennifer's greatest strengths are her creativity, tenacity and leadership.

She thrives on challenges, relishing the opportunity to learn new practices to help achieve her goals. Jennifer holds a bachelor'sdegree in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University. When she is not working you can find her at home in Willowick wrangling two children and three crazy cats.

 Jennifer has moved from being the Director of Public Relations to being the Producer of the Web Series "Secret Agent Sofia."


See Jennifer's credits on IMDB (Internet Movie Database).


Contact Jennifer at jplass@prelude2cinema.com .

Jared Michael Sobotka

Cinema Producer

Jared Michael Sobotka was born in 1987 in Amherst Ohio. He currently resides in Cleveland Ohio. He is a captivating moving image artist, writer, director and filmmaker. Jared is a passionate artist who takes viewers on a lyrical journey with his audiovisual creations. Jared creates with a poetic sensibility making a wide range of work from experimental to more straightforward narratives. He has worked with the Cleveland International Film Festival, Paper Shadows a film by Robert Banks, The Charnel House a Cleveland Film Production, and on I Give I Take a piece by Cleveland based artist Christi Birchfield.


Contact Jared at jmsobotka@prelude2cinema.com .

Rob Troxell

Cinema Producer

Rob "Rawk Haze" Troxell, a photographer, videographer, filmmaker, and in my spare time, a coffee barista. With the tools I use for photography, film, and graphic design, I help those who want to start out in related fields as well as express their creative sides in ways that they haven't felt possible.


Contact Rob at rtroxell@prelude2cinema.com .


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