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Prelude2Cinema is not a Talent Agent. We are building the Cinema Industry which is based on the Old Hollywood Studio System. Key to that System was having Talent. In a like manner, Prelude2Cinema will acquire Talent (those who work in front of the camera and also behind the scenes). We will cultivate that Talent and use their skills in our productions and also "loan" them out to other Production Companies. If you are interested in working with our talent, please contact us. If you are interested in being one of our Talent, please contact us. We will be working with a Select Number of Talent. Email us at


Here is a look at the Classic Hollywood Star System. Our Cinema Industry is not a repeat of past Hollywood, but we will borrow a lot of elements from those days in creating and building our industry in Northeast, Ohio.


Riley May

The lovely, exotic Riley May is the first talent signed by Prelude2Cinema. She is available for model and promotional work. To hire Riley, contact


Photo by John Earl Brown  







Haley Lynn Rose Anderson

Haley Lynn Rose Anderson is charming and lovely. She is available for model and promotional work. To hire Haley, contact







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