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Web Series: “Visit Eden”

“The Order of the Diaspora” is the first episode of the Web Series “Visit Eden” by Joseph Pledger.

Eden Negress is an older teen aged girl who identifies as Black yet struggles with her mixed heritage or adoptive parents.  She has hidden abilities to transform the atomic composition of things even people to precious stone.  But only when she applies makeup from Lafante Industries.

“Visit Eden” stars Hayley Johnson, Yointina Monique, Alex DeCourville & Rance Martin.

The Creator

The series was created by Joseph Pledger who founded the company Achieve Historical Appreciation!, LLC.

Joe was inspired to start his business because he felt a need to empower himself and others disaffected by popular culture.  Joe’s comic books and video games fall into the “afrofuturism” genre.  Afrofuturism uses elements of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy to critique present-day struggles of Blacks, while also re-examining historical events from the past.  Through his creative video games, users can take a look back at the history of African people, while also imagining and visualizing possibilities for their future.  He hopes the digital experience that his company offers will help other Blacks feeling disaffected by popular culture.


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