A Casting Experiment where Celebs and up and coming actors will compete against one another by doing monologues from “What Angels Fear?” The Audience will select the best. “What Angels Fear?” is a play that became an Emmy winning movie.

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J: An educated Black Man who believes his only way to success is to sell drug

KEVIN: A cop who had a heart once until he came to believe the drug dealers were living a better life.

MIKI: Kevin’s wife and Sly’s (his partner) ex-girlfriend who wants to hold onto her family and her sense of what is right

JIMMIE (JESSICA): Kevin and Miki’s preteen daughter who loves her Mom and worships her Dad for being a cop and keeping her safe.

SLY: Kevin’s partner who is like a brother to him and tries to keep his life together while wishing things could be the same when they first started to being cops and the world was more “black and white” with good against evil.

LT. FOSTER: He believes in justice in a ruthless “Old Testament” way and will strike down evil fiercely and swiftly when needed,