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Pitch from October 3rd, 2017 at JumpStart

Thanks to JumpStart for letting us be on their stage at the Open Mic Pitch.

What is the Crusade?

Prelude2Cinema is on a CRUSADE to expand the “Cinema Industry” in Northeast Ohio. Prelude2Cinema will use modern technology to create a system based on the Hollywood Studio System where the Studio developed stories and artists, produced movies, marketed the movies and screened them to audiences.

Why Should You Join the Crusade?

Historically Artists have always required Patrons. By joining the Crusade you will be helping to create jobs and art in Northeast Ohio.  Our movies will screen all over all the world and provide distinct voices. We are also looking to open a studio in 2017 that will act as as a community and business support for filmmakers and provide a sound stage to local filmmakers and welcome those from all over the world.

  • Receive Access to Prelude2Cinema Crusader’s Court: interact with community of members, offer suggestions for the Crusade, First Look production diaries (videos and behind the scenes photos)

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What does the Crusade fund?


The TV Series

Prelude2Cinema is focused on shooting the first episode of “Out of Darkness: Cleveland,” a cross between “Law & Order ” and “The X-Files.” The story will create hundreds of jobs each year in Northeast Ohio and use a mix of talent from “Hollywood” and local talent in front of and behind  the camera. The “TV Series” will be broadcast on the air in select TV markets, streamed online and viewed theatrically in limited release.

It is important we shoot before the end of the year 2017 to submit for an award.

The Festival

THE ONLY MONTHLY FESTIVAL AND FILM MARKET IN NORTHEAST OHIO – Accepts Movies from all over the World. Rolling Admission Date. Check Website for Screening Locations. We are working on productions and this festival will act as a fundraiser for a Movie Studio Soundstage we are building in Northeast Ohio by the end of 2017.