Join Our Crusade

How to Join the Crusade in One Click?

If you wish to Donate to the Crusade for the Cinema Industry, you can do so as well.

What is the Crusade?

Prelude2Cinema is on a CRUSADE to expand the “Cinema Industry” in Northeast Ohio. Prelude2Cinema will use modern technology to create a system based on the Hollywood Studio System where the Studio developed stories and artists, produced movies, marketed the movies and screened them to audiences.

Why Should You Join the Crusade?

Historically Artists have always required Patrons. Individuals can join our Crusade for only $30 a year. Benefits include:

  • 15% discount on Events, Movies and Merchandise
  • Free Access to Special Online & Real World Events
  • Access to Prelude2Cinema Crusader’s Court: interact with community of members, offer suggestions for the Crusade, First Look production diaries (videos and behind the scenes photos)
  • Corporate Sponsorship Available: Contact Us for More Details
  • Non-Profit Partnerships Available: Contact Us for More Details

What does the Crusade fund?

Our Crusade funds “The Cinema Industry.” We will create “Bold, Daring, True Independent Movies.” Funds from the Crusade is used to provide a Pool of Money for movies from Prelude2Cinema and other producers. Prelude2Cinema also helps other local filmmakers. For support, contact The Cleveland Cinema Czar.