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Our Founder was a Guest on The Entremusician

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The Great Gatsby coming 2021

Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels will be producing a new movie based on the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald with a unique approach and focusing on characters and themes not approached in the “Hollywood” versions. Join Facebook Group for updates and to support this movie.

Seeking New Business Partners 

2020 is Nearly over. Prelude2Cinema survived and sadly many businesses did not. We are looking for Business Partners to join us for 2021. We will be connecting with our connections from all over the world as we create a “Cinema Industry.”  Our business model includes supporting small businesses who have been our sponsors in our movies and TV shows. 

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Pitching at Accelerate 2021

Our Founder Alex P. Michaels will be pitching at Accelerate 2021: Citizens Make Change, presented in partnership with Cleveland Leadership Center and Citizens Bank. There are five categories. We will be pitching in the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  CATEGORY

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Our Pitch Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Thursday, February 25, 2021
Accelerate 2021 is a virtual experience.

Our Founder will be pitching BlockcityP2C, a social network/sales platform for Artists to connect with Fans and Gain Revenue Streams. ALL PROFILES WILL BE VERIFIED. No Fake Persons allowed. To join and help us build the Network, go to BLOCKCITYP2C

Cleveland Needs a New Film Commissioner with Vision

Elect Emmy Winning Alex P. Michaels as New Cleveland Film Commissioner. Sign Here

Prelude2Cinema is a Global Company, but visit our CLEVELAND page to show our dedication to our Hometown and how we plan to Create the Cinema Industry here. 


Cameo from Eden Cupid (young Allison in “The Umbrella Academy” 

Cameo from Actress Emily Peachy

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Updated June 14th, 2020. Listen to new radio interview, watch news stories and contact us about doing a press story on Prelude2Cinema .

Press Room Updated June 17th, 2020

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