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Accelerate 2020 February 27th

Accelerate is a pitch competition which gives individuals across Northeast Ohio the chance to win seed money to help launch their idea to make the region a better place.

Prelude2Cinema will be there on the Past Presenter’s Row with updates on our pitches and how you can be involved.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020
Global Center for Health Innovation
(1 St Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114)

4:00 p.m. Doors open
4:30 p.m. Technovation pitch competition
5:30 p.m. Category pitch competitions
6:30 p.m. Reception
7:00 p.m. Finalist presentations & awards

Order Tickets from Cleveland Leadership Center.

THIS IS THE FIFTH YEAR OF THIS GREAT EVENT. Prelude2Cinema was there for Year One, and will be back on “The Past Presenter’s Row” with News on our Progress. Thanks to Cleveland Leadership Center for their support.

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Seeking Interns for 2020

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Become a Producer for our TV series “Out of Darkness: Cleveland.” Limited offer. COMING SOON

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Like any Artists, we don’t have “Customers.” You are our “Fans” and our Friends. We make Art for your Entertainment. We have created some Great Rewards. Let us know what more you want to see and what you wish to pay. We are Here to Serve you with “Bold, Diverse & Inclusive” Cinema. Wherever you are in the World, we want you to be a Fan.

Your Membership supports our TV Series, “Out of Darkness: Cleveland,” movies “Visit Eden,” “Tony Isabella’s Secret Movie” and our plans to open a Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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Bold, Diverse & Inclusive 

Out of Darkness: Cleveland

BOLD: Set in an alternate universe where the Internet was created in the 1950’s, the US is a Police State and the story is seen through the eyes of a Latina who works as a government agent in a city that has an urban legend about a shadow that devours criminals.

DIVERSE: A multiracial diverse cast from all over the world.

INCLUSIVE: Seeking Sponsors and Shooting Episodes.
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“My Sweetheart”

BOLD: A Daughter finds herself becoming the Parent when her Father starts to lose his memory.

DIVERSE: Written & Directed by Tharun Hari, an Indian director/producer and starring a Cast of People of Color

INCLUSIVE: Finished short being submitted to Film Festivals now.

“Visit Eden”

BOLD: A Series about Identity by Joseph Pledger, A Man of Color, based on his bold comic book series.

DIVERSE: Directed Alex P. Michaels, a Man of Color and starring a multiracial cast. Shot by Russian born Vitaly Versace.

INCLUSIVE: In post production. Join the Crusade to support this Movie.

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Tony Isabella’s Secret Movie

Comic Legend Tony Isabella is working with Prelude2Cinema on his first feature film. Tony created “Black Lightning,” which is a hit TV series on the CW. Tony is an American comic book writer, editor, artist and critic, known as the creator and writer of Marvel Comics’ Black Goliath; DC Comics’ first major African-American superhero, Black Lightning; and as a columnist and critic for the Comics Buyer’s Guide.

Tony Isabella

BOLD: The story is so Bold, Tony won’t even let us tell you the title of it.

DIVERSE: Tony is known for his commitment to diversity and this story promises to live up to that in the script and cast and crew.

INCLUSIVE: You can join our Crusade and support this Movie. We might even tell you the name of it.

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Prelude2Cinema’s Mission: “Starving Artists 2 Working Artists”  In order to survive artists have to transform from an Artist into a Brand and Connect with their Audience. Prelude2Cinema will turn Starving Artists into Sustainable Working Artists by providing Creative Business Tools and a Nonprofit Platform for funding that allows their Art to be their “day job.”

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