Prelude2Cinema’s Mission: “Starving Artists 2 Working Artists”  In order to survive artists have to transform from an Artist into a Brand and Connect with their Audience. Prelude2Cinema will turn Starving Artists into Sustainable Working Artists by providing Creative Business Tools and a Nonprofit Platform for funding that allows their Art to be their “day job.”

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*FIRST ALERT!* A prolonged and impactful snowfall event is possible this weekend. Roads may become snow coated. Gusty winds throughout the weekend will lead to blowing snow and low visibility. No, I don't know how many inches yet. Stay tuned, please. 🙂

And thank the good Lord I found it. No more khakis!!! #TheProfit @TheProfitCNBC

Did you know Courage B was @Marcuslemonis' first investment in the fashion business?

Watch for an inside look tonight at 9P ET/PT! Followed by a BRAND NEW episode of #TheProfit tonight at 10P ET/PT!

Say hello to your CIFF43 marketing campaign theme: 'WELCOME' via @CrainsCleveland

Check out "How to Transform Your Business in the New Year" @Eventbrite

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