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We need movies now more than ever.”

Vin Diesel

Prelude2Cinema deeply believes that Movies can bring us closer together and we will survive the current state of “social distancing.” With that in mind, we want to bring you Bold, Diverse Voices in Cinema. Submit your Movie to us today for a non exclusive distribution deal. We will share the gross profits with you and handle all marketing and distribution expenses.

  • Filmmaker 40%
  • Prelude2Cinema 40%
  • Marketing & Distribution Expenses 10%
  • Donation to Charity 10%

Email [email protected]

Prelude2Cinema is seeking Movies to produce and Distribute. We will also create an Extensive Tailor Made Marketing Campaign that includes: Merchandising, Brand tie-ins and Social Media and Real World Events. We will be using some of the films from our Festival “Prelude2Cinema Presents..” to connect with filmmakers from all over the world. We want to be part of your career and let your voice be heard. We are looking for Features and Shorts.

Submit Today

We are using our Festival to Screen Movies. You can submit by clicking below. Trailers are Free to submit. We may offer waivers for some filmmakers.

In Distribution

 TV Series

 “Out of Darkness” is available on Amazon and is also being rebooted as “Out of Darkness: Cleveland.”