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From Starving Artists 2 Working Artists

In order to survive artists have to transform from an Artist into a Brand and Connect with their Audience. Prelude2Cinema will turn Starving Artists into Sustainable Working Artists by providing Creative Business Tools and a Crowdfunding Platform for funding that allows their Art to be their “day job.” Prelude2Cinema will continue to grow its own creative brand of bold, diverse movies and help other artists become brands and “own a piece of the action” from various revenue streams including: screenings, licensing and merchandise associated with these new brands.

Prelude2Cinema is a Global Company

Prelude2Cinema remains dedicated to keeping our headquarters in Northeast, Ohio. Yet we have discovered from our monthly Film Festival “Prelude2Cinema Presents…,” that one needs to look outside their own back yard. We are now dedicated to helping to produce filmmakers from all over the world. Our goal is to bring together Filmmakers and Fans with Brands that will support their Art.  

We have created an Online Community and a real world network of Filmmakers and Brands that can benefit one another. BlockCityP2C is a place where Fans can shop their favorite brands and know that they are helping to support the work of  aspiring and up and coming Artists.  There is a lot of talent out there and it is Prelude2Cinema who will help you discover it.  BlockCityP2C is supported by JumpStart, Key Bank, the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Foundation.

Although we are focused on filmmakers, we are open to helping other Artists reach their Fans and Brands to support their Art.

The Online Community will be a place you can discuss films, actors, models, anything show biz related, add your opinions, your voice and even learn about becoming an artist yourself. It is open to all. Yet, expect to shop and support the brands and Prelude2Cinema and our Crusade for a Cinema Industry which will fund our productions and films from filmmakers we have discovered through “Prelude2Cinema Presents…”

ARTISTS + BRANDS + FANS = Prelude2Cinema

Stay tuned to our Twitter page and Join our Community as we “Move outside our Backyard” and help brand Filmmakers from all over the world.

If you are an Artist, you are a Brand (i.e. a Business), so here is a Test to help all Artist, and Brands.

Take the One Page Business Plan Test