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“The dark vision of Alex Michaels in “Out of Darkness: Cleveland” is reminiscent of such classic film noirs as “Out of the Past” and “Kiss Me Deadly” with a predatory underworld and the scent of evil. Murder He Wrote, Mr. Michaels!”

Brian D. Harvey Film Historian, University of Oxford

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“Bienvenidos a la oscuridad”

“Welcome to the Dark.” 

Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels’ crime/sci-fi series is “Law & Order” meets “Doctor Who.” Set in an alternate reality where the internet was created in the 1950s and the USA is a police state.

Creator Alex P. Michaels

Emmy winning writer “What Angels Fear?”

Alex received an Emmy for “What Angels Fear?” and the screenplay is available on Amazon.

Producer Vitaliy Versace

Producer Vitaliy Versace was Nominated for an Emmy as director of “Love & Hope in Cleveland.” See the Trailer Here

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About the Series


“Out of Darkness: Cleveland” will be shot in the real city of Cleveland, Ohio but takes place in a fictionalized version of it named Cleaveland. It is a city that needs saving. After a series of police shootings across the country, the Government steps in with the FORCE (Federal Officers Resisting Criminal Elements) to protect the residents. The story is seen through the eyes of a young Latina police officer who becomes part of the FORCE because she saved a number of police from a massacre. The story is not all black and white, as the Latina police officer/government agent deals with her questionably ethical supervisors, an urban legend about a shadow devouring criminals and a Senator who has come to town to shut the FORCE down after a shooting incident.

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The story has changed a lot during filming, but you can have a chance to see the original feature screenplay. Click Here or Image Below to get Kindle. 

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