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At Prelude2Cinema, we all about our Fans. So, we want you to post a photo or short video (less than a minute). Say, who you are, what you do and then say you are a “Fan of Prelude2Cinema.” We will send the most creative post a gift from our Company Store. Be Creative but please no “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work) videos or posts. You must Include @prelude2cinema in your post. You can post anywhere online

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Donors include:

  • Bernie Moreno : businessman and candidate for US Senate in Ohio
  • Laura DeMarco: author of “Lost Cleveland “ and other books, former Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter 
  • Lauren Brill: former sports reporter, creator of “The Unsealed “
  • Lucy’s Sweet Surrender 
  • Bob Miko 
  • Joseph Pledger: writer
  • Ted Sikora: comic book writer
  • Rance Martin: actor
  • James Bellanca: actor and police detective 
  • JT Thomas: entrepreneur 
  • Christine Ann: actress and musician

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We want to invite people to join our FAN CLUB, but we wanted to devote this entire page to our FANS.  This is Your Page. Submit any photo or video so we can post it here. Join us on on our Social Media Pages. WE LUV YOU.


A lot of our Fans also work with us.


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From the inaugural Great Lakes Geek Fest

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