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“We’re Back Baby!” New Shows Starting January 10th Friday at 9pm



About Big D Radio Show

Big D Radio Show will take you on a journey with music you know and music you should know and engage with guests on all topics under the sun. Big D has a love of cinema and music, so expect filmmakers and musicians to show up and talk and discuss their lives, work and share their playlists with you. 
Thanks to WCSB for giving Big D Radio a voice and thank you for listening on air and online. Spread the word. Scroll down to join Big D Radio on Facebook  and  learn how to be a Guest.

WCSB is the student-run radio station of Cleveland State University, which has been broadcasting at 89.3FM since 1976. Our mission is to provide an alternative source of news and entertainment to our listening community.


CLICK 2 LISTEN to January 10, 2020 Show

New Time Slot Starting January 10th 2020.
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Special Guests: Actor and Filmmaker George Tutie, “Luchador” Dwayne Davis and “The Return of the FARKAS.” CLICK IMAGE TO LISTEN TO SHOW

Click Image 2 Listen to January 10th, 2020 Show

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Join us for the Last Show of the Year/Decade

LISTEN TO THE LAST SHOW OF 2019 with our Panel of Guests and Great Music.


Click 2 Listen 2 the Show with Guests: Audrey Wiggins, Eric Farkas,
Brain Jeffrey Bowers and Bruno Tatolovic

The Roarings Twenties

What Will You Do in the Twenties?

2020 Videos

Watch 2020 Videos

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Big D Radio has a Global Audience, so use this Time Calculator to figure out what time Friday 9pm is in your part of the world.

January 2020

New Time Slot Friday January 10th at 9pm to 11pm


December 2019

If you want to be a guest, Scroll Down the Page. Booking Guests for December 19th, 2019 and December 26th, 2019. GUEST CAN CALL IN FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. See below for details.

December 19th Vitaliy Versace & Dewey Chester

Vitaliy Versace “Hollywood Producer living & working in Cleveland, Ohio discusses his latest production “Love & Hope in Cleveland” coming soon to Fox TV. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW OR HERE, FOR THE INTERVIEW.

Vitaliy Versace

Watch Facebook Live Video of December 19th show
We taped part of the December 19th show . Click link above to watch it .

December 12th: Eric Farkas

Click image to listen to show with all music.

Listen to the show from December 12th with Eric Farkas, actor extraordinaire in Cleveland. Click image or click here.

December 5th 2019: Cleveland Cinema Czar

Click Image or CLICK HERE to Listen to the Interview with Cinema Czar December 5th, 2019

Cinema Czar (Alex P. Michaels of Prelude2Cinema) December 5th, 2019

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