Join the Crusade and Join us at the Expys

Between March 4th and April 4th, 2018, anyone who joins the Crusade at any Amount is eligible to join us at the Expys’ Award where we have been Nominated for Coolest Internship. We will give you two tickets and you can cheer us on. We know we have a lot of Friends across the world, but this event is held in the USA so sorry we can’t pay for any travel. You can still benefit by Joining the Crusade.  Crusade Memberships are Tax Deductible thanks to our partnership with AfricaHouse International. JOIN THE CRUSADE AND LET’S BE COOL TOGETHER.

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Our Contest is not part of the EXPYS. We were selected by an independent panel of Judges and have no ideal if we win till April 11th, 2018. Of course, we want to win, but we are really pleased to be Nominated.


The 2018 panel of independent judges worked hard to review all of the nominations and make their selections for finalists in each category. The judges for 2018 are Dr. Stephen Brooks (Associate Professor Emeritus, Political Science – The University of Akron), Julie Cruz Blair (Executive Director – Leadership Lorain County), Brian Matthews (Assistant Director, Experiential Learning – Case Western Reserve University), and Sara Wenger (Economic Development Program Manager, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments). “Reviewing The Expys nominations to choose finalists from among so many deserving nominees is a big job,” NOCHE Associate Vice President for Programs Brenda Davis Smith said. “I can’t express enough how much we at NOCHE appreciate the judges’ donation of time and talent to complete this critical function of The Expys.” 

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