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Prelude2Cinema is on a CRUSADE to create a "Cinema Industry" in Northeast Ohio. Prelude2Cinema will use modern technology to create a system based on the Hollywood Studio System where the Studio developed stories and artists, produced movies, marketed the movies and screened them to audiences.

Includes Individuals who have supported to our Crowdfunding Campaigns, Actors and Crews we have worked with and those who have supported our Cinematic Endeavors. This list is not complete. Here is a List of our Partners and Sponsors who have also supported our Crusade with their Business and Organizational Financial and In-Kind Sponsorship.

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An Overview of the Crusade

As we move forward, we will reveal more details on how the Crusade is going. Stay tuned by keeping up with our Twitter Page and if there is Something Special to reveal, you will know it first.


Partners and Sponsors of Prelude2Cinema

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