Tax Deductible Donations

What is the Crusade?

Thanks to a Partnership with AFRICAHOUSE INTERNATIONAL,   a nonprofit organization who is dedicated to providing quality education in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) primarily to the youth at risk, Prelude2Cinema is now accepting Tax Deductible Donations for our Crusade. We will be producing movies by our staff and are welcome to producing movies by filmmakers in Northeast Ohio and from anywhere in the world.

How to Donate ?

Donate Online Now

Click Our ITgirl and support Filmmakers and a Movie Studio in Northeast, Ohio. All Donations are secure with PayPal and go to “AfricaHouse International,” an Ohio 501c3 who in 2018 received a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

Who belongs to the Crusade?



What does the Crusade Fund?


Prelude2Cinema presents…

Prelude2Cinema supports Filmmakers from all over the world and we created a festival that screens mulitple times during the year. Some of the movies will screen more than once and we will work on acquiring rights for the movies and help the filmmakers fund their next movie as well.






Summer 2018, Prelude2Cinema will launch an anthology TV series which will feature reoccuring storylines and have Bold, Diverse voices from all over the world. The half hour series will air on TV in Ohio and California, then later on move to other markets. Here is one of the reoccurring storylines:


Created by Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels. The series stars Soraya Padrao and Robyn Cohen. A city named “Cleaveland, OH” is on the edge and the government steps in with a special task FORCE who can suspend the rights of citizens to keep the peace.

MY SWEETHEART by Tharun Hari

A very moving story about a Daughter who finds she has to now become the “Parent” as her Father gets older and lost in his memories.

Visit Eden by Joseph Pledger

Eden Negress is an older teen aged girl who identifies as Black yet struggles with her mixed heritage or adoptive parents.  She has hidden abilities to transform the atomic composition of things even people to precious stone.  But only when she applies makeup from Lafante Industries.



Prelude2Cinema was formerly in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Right now, we are working on securing another office in Northeast Ohio. We will continue to shoot movies on location at our sponsor locations. Thanks to Robyn Cohen for opening our Los Angeles Branch


The Crusade will also support our Internship Program

 Prelude2Cinema at the EXPYS

Click Image below for more info on the Internship Program and how to join for 2018.

Where does your Crusade Dollar Go?

Item Percentage Duties
AfricaHouse International 10 AcceptsTax Deductible Donations via 501c3 Organization
Prelude2Cinema 20 Manages productions. Creates productions and provides funding for filmmakers.
Production Funds 70 Funds for Productions

Mail in Donations

You can also go “Old School” and mail in your donation via a check or money order.


Send Check or money order to “AfricaHouse International”

1695 East 81st.
Cleveland, OH 44103

To receive tax deduction, make check to “AfricaHouse International”

In memo, write “Prelude2Cinema Crusade”