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Prelude2Cinema was featured on WKYC (NBC in Cleveland) “The Ana Show” November 19th, 2017

Our segment begins in  “Businesses that Rock” at 11 minutes and 5 seconds.

Pitch from October 3rd, 2017 at JumpStart

Thanks to JumpStart for letting us be on their stage at the Open Mic Pitch.


Prelude2Cinema was a Finalist in Accelerate 2015:
In this video, see co-presenter Peter Lawson Jones in the beginning, then a clip from his and Studio Chief Alex P. Michaels making the Pitch “Bring Crime 2 Cleaveland.”



Interview with Alex P. Michaels May 3rd, 2018



The Expys is a special awards program that recognizes the best Northeast Ohio internships and co-ops and the people that make them great. Prelude2Cinema was nominated Coolest Internship by NOCHE (Northeast Ohio Council of Higher Education)

Press Release on the 2018 EXPYS




Vitaliy Versace , Series Producer of our TV Series “Out of Darkness: Cleveland” is featured in an article about his movie “Beverly Hills Bandit.”


Alex Michaels is mentioned in Cool Cleveland news about Cleveland Concoction 2018 March 9-11, 2018




Prelude2Cinema mentioned in article about the Closing of Massimo da Milano (one of our sponsors of “Out of Darkness”) – READ HERE

Owner of Massimo da Milano Tony DiIorio, sponsor of “Out of Darkness” and Cleveland Film Czar Alex Michaels.

DiIorio even became a sponsor for a short-lived independent television show in 2006. Alex Michaels, who operates Prelude2Cinema, which focuses on local film production, said DiIorio was quick to support the project.
“We had a scene where our mayor meets at Massimo,” Michaels said. “The real mayor would do press conferences there so our fictional characters did a press conference there.”Owner of Massimo da Milano Tony DiIorio, sponsor of “Out of Darkness” and Cleveland Film Czar Alex Michaels.

DiIorio was “a great guy,” Michaels said. “He was really great to work with. He’s kind of a pip, straight-to-the-point guy.”

Click Photo to read rest of article by Marc Bona: Cleveland Plain Dealer


Wesbite for Prelude2Cinema presents…

Article about our film festival Prelude2Cinema Presents


Press Summer 2017 about our TV Series “Out of Darkness: Cleveland”

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Prelude2Cinema in Article April 22, 2016 about changes at LaunchHouse –READ HERE

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It is an easy decision, however, for Alex Michaels, owner of Prelude2Cinema, a movie and marketing company that makes and distributes movies in theaters and on Amazon Streaming. He said he was with Goldstein before he moved to the LaunchHouse location to Lee Road. “I like Todd Goldstein. He’s been the driving force. They were going to tear that building down five years ago, and now they want to kick him to the curb. “The best part of LaunchHouse is that they help so many different types of businesses. You can always just go down the hall and somebody is willing to help you out. It’s not like anybody is competitive here,” Michaels said. “I’m going with LaunchHouse. You can get space anywhere, but you can’t find a community like this. It’s invaluable.”

Article by Marcia Pledger of the Cleveland Plain Dealer


Prelude2Cinema pitched February 24th, 2016 at Accelerate 2016.

See info here on ACCELERATE 2016

Prelude2Cinema supported the Cleveland Food Bank at one of the screenings of our Festival “Prelude2Cinema presents..” and was featured in their newsletter. Click Image to see full size article.